Welcome to eLearning!
The First Tee offers a number of eLearning courses to aid our volunteers and coaches:

  • The First Tee 101
  • Child Protection
  • Assistant Coach Training
  • Assistant Coach Training Reassessment

Below are the steps needed to register, as well as information on adding courses to your account. Upon registration “The First Tee 101” and “Child Protection” courses are automatically added to your class list. For ACT courses please contact Tom Ferris (tjferris1950@gmail.com) for coupon code information.


Head over to tftelearning.org and you will see the registration page below:

Now ask yourself the following question:

Are you a new user?

If you answered YES to that question then you are reading the right part. If you answered NO then click anywhere in this sentence to jump to the instructions for you. The above image is the landing page for tftelearning.org, but it is also the first page of registration! As a new user you need to register for an eLearning account. Use the form on this first page to do so. You do need to be very careful with your “*special characters.” Here is an example of a completed registration form:

The form will return an error if you have any odd keyboard symbols or spaces in the names fields. It will take spaces in the address field but that’s really the only place you should have them. If your name has a special character that is returning an error from the system, please register without the special character and contact helpdesk@thefirsttee.org. We will update it for you. *Examples of special characters: ! @ # $  % ^_- & *( , etc

If the system didn’t return any errors, your new eLearning account has been successfully created and you will be greeted with this screen:

Awesome! Now click the proceed button to go to the select course page and click this sentence to proceed to the course selection instructions!

A returning user!

As a returning user, the right hand side of the landing registration page is for you. Either click the login button to log in to your account and available courses or click the add courses button to jump to course registration for a new course you are taking.

If you are just logging in the button will take you to this page:
Here you simply enter your User Name (login) and Password you selected during registration. Click the login button and you are taken straight to your personal course catalogue. Every course you have taken with our eLearning system will show up on this list.

Adding Courses
If you need to add a course to your account click the ‘add courses’ button.

The button will take you to a slightly different login screen. It looks like this:

This page functions exactly the same as the login page that takes you into your courses, it just looks a little different. Use the login information you created during registration and click submit. This will take you to the course selection dropdown menu.

Once you are on this page select the course you want to take from the list provided. Some courses are free and a few require payment. For courses that require payment please contact Tom Ferris (tjferris1950@gmail.com) for coupon code information. A free course is open to all users. Click this sentence to go over the coupon code payment system. Remember, not all courses require this step.

All courses do require a second page of registration, some require more information from you than others. Each course has a different page based on the information we need to collect from the user.

Here is a peek at the second page of registration from the free child protection course:

If you are registering for a free course the next page you see after completing the course registration page is this:

That’s it, you’re done. You can click the link on the page that reads ‘Go to Login Page’ and that will take you to, as one would expect, the login page. You could also login using the method covered in this document here.

If you are taking a course that has a cost associated with it you should have been issued a coupon code by a chapter representative. After you complete the course registration page you will be taken to this page:

This is where you enter the coupon code you were issued. It is a best practice to copy the coupon code from the email and paste it directly into this field. The codes include a series of case sensitive letters that could be misinterpreted. Once the code has been accepted, you are brought to this page with a link to log in and start learning: